Saturday, 1 June 2013

Steve Borsuk


Steve Borsuk Goals In Life

The road of life is strewn with the bodies of promising people. People who show promise, yet lack the confidence to act. People who make promises they are unable to keep. People who promise to do tomorrow what they could do today. Promising young stars, athletes, entrepreneurs who wait for promises to come true. Promise without a goal and a plan is like a barren cow. You know what she could do if she could do it, but she can’t. Turn your promise into a plan. Make no promise for tomorrow if you are able to keep it today. And if someone calls you promising, know that you are not doing enough today.

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  1. Yea, you are absolutely true Steve Borsuk. People do promise but they can't prove it likewise if one person say to another that if you have any problem then you can call me anytime, i will help you but when second person call to first then what's the reply of first person "I am too busy now, i can't came sorry". what is this?

    If you do promise then prove it, its my opinion.

    agree with you sheldon, good post keep it up!